Trek from MAYOYAO to BATAD
by Vurhi / Upag /Pangah / Patyay / Pula / Cambulo .


4 days / 3 nights.
This trek is one of the most authentique and wild in the province.
Require good physical condition.

Day 1 :


A private van will bring you to Vurhi, starting point of the trek.

This village is near the town of Mayoyao ( 2 hours ride ).

Stop over on the road in Banga'an village.

From Vurhi, you will walking until Patyay in crossing the small villages of Upag, Pangah and  Magulon.

4 to 5 hours of trekking.

You will spend a night in Patyay , in the homes of local people.




                                                            Patyay                                                                                                                                   Magulon



Day 2 :


From Patyay to Pula, you will be walking 6 hours, surrounding the jungle.


This part of the trekking is the hardest one ; wild and steep path.

You will spend a night in Pula ( guesthouse) .














Day 3 :


From Pula, you will reach Cambulo, surrounded the rice terraces.

And then, continue to Batad.

4 hours of trekking.


You will spend a nihgt in Batad ( pension lodge ). 






                                                 Cambulo                                                                                                                                         Batad                      



Day 4 :

You will be visiting the famous village of Batad and then, reach the breath taking waterfalls "Tapia".

After the lunch, you will be walking to the saddle of Batad.

Our van will be waiting for you there to bring you back to Banaue .

3 hours of trekking for this last day.


















PRICE : 13 500 php per person all inclusive (minimum 2 persons).


 Included :

- Local guide and porteur.

- Private van.

- 3 nights in guesthouse and homestay.

- Heritage fees.

- Food and water ( mineral water).

Not included :

- Extra drink

- Snacks.