El Nido : the last frontier of the Philippines

3 days and 2 nights expedition, Bacuit Bay





















This boat expedition is about both island style adventure and discover a simple way of life.

Based on a “back to basics” concept, our vision is to promote adventurous exploration with underwater activities, develop self-consciousness, feel connection with nature and more concerned about respectful and fair practices when travelling.


We assume that the best way to discover and understand the culture of Palawan is to adopt the way of life of local people: fishing, eating only local food and sleeping in native bamboo house.


Daily trip is based on swimming, snorkeling, relaxing along the beach where we stop, enjoying sunset view, sharing story and star guessing at night while in the middle of the fire, try to get asleep from the nature’s lullaby and sunrise wakes you up from its morning sky.


The goal of our expedition is to make you live an adventure, be aware that you will be far from everything and without the comfort of your home.


A lay back of life awaits you. Join us during 3 days on our banka (local boat) visiting turquoise color of water, pristine white sand beaches, and splendid islands made by ageless towering marble cliff, sleeping on its remote beach and discovering the Filipino culture.


To get more information contact us by email on : ifugaotrek@outlook.com